University of Mary Holy Mass in the 2020 Pandemic Thursday


University of Mary — Holy Mass in the 2020 Pandemic
Thursday, April 2 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Mary Masses have been recorded each day from Benet Chapel for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and friends. Broadcast live each day at 10:00 am CDT, celebrants rotate between:

Father Robert Shea, University Chaplain
Father Craig Vasek, Chaplain for Marauders Athletics
Monsignor James Shea, University President

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About Benet Chapel:
In 2013 Benet Chapel was renovated through a generous gift of Hazelton farmers Mike and Linda Appert. At that time, statuary crafted for the University by the Community of Bethlehem in France was provided as a focal point for the devotion of students and all who come to pray there.

At one side the Blessed Mother, “La Vierge d’Autun,” tenderly holds her infant Son in fervent prayer. In her arms He is tightly wrapped, unable to move His hands or His feet.

Behind the altar is the same Son, the hands and feet of his corpus now set tightly to a field of gold Venetian plaster which scatters around his crowned head. For He is in the very moment after His dying, in a liminal space between time and eternity. He is “Christ de Descente de Croix.” The Cross has faded from human sight, overwhelmed by Glory. His loincloth and crown are transfigured to the vesture of a King and Priest as He now descends from the Cross to the harrowing of hell and the long-awaited liberation of patriarchs and prophets. And then … the Resurrection.

Engraved upon the altar is the simple word PAX, Latin for “peace.” It is taken from the Saint Benedict Medal. May the prayers of Saint Benedict, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and all the angels and saints protect and deliver us and all those we love from every harm.


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